The calm surrounding the storm

She sat there by the window for hours working.

People passed by. Bustling  with pressing emergencies, to head home, another meeting, an evening out with their waiting friends, in high heels and pristinely pressed suits, glancing at their watches and the phone screens. Hours went by and the seconds ticked as the bustle died down to a quiet hiccup of groups walking the streets.

Hours went by and the seconds ticked, but she forced the focus onto her laptop, the hours unnoticed but the seconds crawling by her. The thoughts pouring itself onto the article without much care of her precious time. The words blurring into one another. The feeling of frustration slowly bubbled up like a fizzy drink that has been dropped but remained unopened for too long. An invisible storm with nowhere to go.

The sun sent the evening glow onto the streets, gold embezzled one side, while obstacles cast light shadows further as the evening stretched.

Yet she sat there with her laptop, unaware of the calm surrounding her as the storm brewed in her, with stronger and more powerful force.


Website editing tips.

I love articles that are there to help you with the creative process of building your brand and website. This one like has a great tip for your website and how to manage its content. Not mine but I think quite informative.