Munich Art?

Hello! Munich is a winter wonderland but I’m not sharing photos of the beautiful scenery or of our Trefu Challenge. Today, I’m sharing photos of my evening at Good Transfer Photo Book Gallery located in Schwabing at Clemensstraße 61 D-80803. As an artist who uses photography in her artwork, I was excited to meet […]

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Happy Boxing Day – Lets Plan for our January Challenge! — Munich Artists

365 Day Art Challenge On January 1st, 2016, we start our Munich Artists 365 Day challenge. The challenge will be divided by weeks & months so that you can decide to try doing the full 365 day challenge or jump in for a week or a month when you have time. The January challenge will begin […]

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Making a Book with SpunkHaus — Munich Artists

Ling does all kinds of workshops and she is always looking for artists who want to work with her in creating a workshop. Her space is absolutely lovely and I enjoyed being there on a Friday evening. Ling speaks German and English but the course is taught in German. Ling will talk to you in English if your German sucks or Malay if you happen to know her mother tongue.

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14 Day Quote Challenge Begins November 16, 2016 (WED) — Munich Artists

Here are the quotes/Inspirations for the next 14 day Munich Artists Challenge. I altered them from quotes or took very standardized quotes. you are welcome to make them better but please do not use other people’s words without giving them credit in your artwork. For this challenge, please incorporate the words into your artwork. I […]

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Munich Stories 2016 Printed and For Sale — Munich Artists

Our Munich Artists 2016 book is printed. We used a printer in Bavaria to support the local economy so the books look beautiful but are a tad more expensive than if we printed them in far away lands. For the Munich Stories project, we printed a limited run for 2016 which will be available at Frauenstrasse […]

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Adventures in Immersion — Discover

On learning to speak French: “When you hear that sweet wobbly French from a tentative little face, the joy is nothing you have to manufacture. They understand! And they are understood. And that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to share with someone.”

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